Welcome to Falah School System . We hope you find our website informative and useful in finding the information you need whether you are prospective student ,parent or looking for to become our franchisee. You are welcome!

We strongly believe in our mission statement of “To provide uniform quality education at all levels ensuring its relevance and affordability at all times” and all our activity is aimed at promoting success of all our students.

We at Falah School put the pupils and their individual needs at the heart of our system. It is our aim to ensure those pupils become moral, creative fulfilled individuals who subsequently contribute positively and passionately to society. Our school network is dynamic , forward looking and well equipped to meet the challenges of fast moving world.

Falah School is for life .Yes, the early grooming and upbringing sets the foundation for adulthood and guide children through values and belief attained during this very sensitive and crucial time. A good school should engender those values which give confidence and vision for a future when comfortable blankets are gone.

What we achieve in our school network is the result of our team insisting upon the highest standards and pupils knowing where they stand. Parents should feel involved at every step of the journey. The sense of personal fulfillment ,having given one’s best is widespread here. Success will indeed breed success: long this may continue at Falah International School System